Design Challenge: Redesign a product of Square

//Why this

Current Quick Card design feature

This is the current Quick Card customization page under the gift card product page.

In this page, users/customers need to go through a lot of steps to finish a card design. 


The front side of the gift card is the most important. Users need to make decisions on title, font, font size and font color. However, to see how it looks in different colors or fonts, users need to scroll up and down to check.


The intent of this design is to set up and order a gift card without scrolling down and up to check the card design.

//dig deeper

The "unique" user experience with gift card pushed me to dig more about Square's products.

This is what Square's product list on their website.

I see the idea of this product list shows what feature they provide for customers in different business stages. However, it took me a while to figure out, some are hardwares, some are phone/ipad/desktop applications and some are just features within the application.