Experience design for driver-less car at Disney


This a 6 week project from Interaction Design Methods class in 2015 fall

Teammate: Yujue Wu and Hongxuan Ge

Role: Storytelling, user archetype, task flow, information architecture, wireframes,  prototypes, visual interfaces


Design Challenge

If you want to imagine how the world will look like in just a few year, skip Silicon Valley and book a ticket to Orlando. In the mean time, Google’s driverless car provide an opportunity for everyone get around easily and safely, regardless of their ability to drive. What's the spark when Disney and driverless car technology crash together?

Design process


Complex system V.S. Crowd experience




I want Disney to surprise me!
— Soffee



-It’s tiresome and wasting time.

-Transportation system is too complex for customers.

-Time is limited.

-Needs for Privacy.


-Driving is exhausted.

-It’s not comfortable.

-They’re not familiar with the road.


How might we involve driverless car into transport experience to provide a simple,  seamless and immersive Disney trip?


//experience flow


//phone app 


Choose a car

The exclusive experience starts here! It's not just the appearance of a car, it will customize the "concierge" service including sound, image, recommendation, etc.


Request process

Location: Different to Uber/Lyft, travelers could remember the name of the space, rather than the address, especially for Disney. As a result, we design the departure and destination location to the name of hotels, parks and airports.

Request: Here travelers can request for a pick-up right now, or a reservation during their Disney trip.

Pick-up: Diverless car is smart, but it doesn't have a real people who can call you when he/she arrives. However, the smart car knows traveler's location all the time. It's possible to ask the car coming to me.



//car experience

The experience in Disney MagicCar is designed to offer an immersive, customized Disney experience for travelers. It expands the experience beyond the gate of each park.

On the way to Disney parks, travelers can check character locations to schedule the trip in parks. They can also check out restaurants or souvenirs to reserve a seat or ask for a pick up. 

On the way back to hotel or leaving Disney World, they can also buy souvenirs for delivery, watch Disney XD for relax.

Created by Hongxuan Ge

Created by Hongxuan Ge