Beyond Renting House - Airbnb Host

Spring 2016  | Observing User Class | 6 weeks

Teammates: Cheng-Hsiang Yang, Kohzo Hirose, Xiaojun Du

Project Brief

 In 2016, Airbnb has matched more than 100 million stays worldwide and provided 2 million listings on Airbnb.

In our research, we aimed to identify different archetypes of Airbnb host and the stages in their career journey. We wanted to understand hosts’ motivation and challenges and point out strategic direction to improve their experience. 

We conducted ethnographic research with 8 Airbnb hosts and 1 design researcher from Airbnb in 6 weeks. In order to cover Airbnb host in a broader spectrum and different levels of experience, we carefully chose our interview participants including one time, short-term, and full-time hosts, and also people who own their houses as well as people who sublease their rooms. We even included a regional manager of a vacation rental company who manages 30 listings.

Airbnb Host poster.jpg